December is here !

After a wild and woolly year, December has arrived. As my friend reminded me, notice the natural world and see that the animals just go on about their business. She said that as she sits weaving she has noticed a small snake who moves to a sunlit area in her side yard each day. He stays for a while to soak up the rays. No worries about the crazy world we are in out here. He is just doing his thing. Soon he will go into hibernation, but for now she said it is a reminder that there is more to the world than the craziness we have been seeing.

Thank you to all those who made our Small Business Saturday so memorable both in person and online. We are grateful and enjoyed the day. Our online shopping space is new to us and our customers. Check it out and hopefully you will find that special fiber you have dreamt of for your creations. Email or call if you have questions. As always we are open by appointment for you if you wish.

On the farm we are waiting for lambing to begin sometime in February. Our ladies are getting plumper by the day. The boys have done their job and are just hanging out. The yearling ewes are growing and growing more lovely. They are all growing that luscious wool we love. We are letting pastures and some pens rest for the time being. Soon the lambs will be here.