Happy New Year !

Welcome to the new year. It is almost time for lambing to begin. Our ladies are getting ready for this special time of the year. The lambing area of the barn is getting special attention right now so that the sheep and their lambs will have a comfortable, safe, space. Their first few days we keep watch to make sure mom is recovered from delivery and the lambs are accepted and are nursing well before putting them outside. It is an exciting time.

All this and Carolina FiberFest ,too! Our premier North Carolina event is March 10 and 11 at the NC State Fairgrounds in the Expo Building. Classes are open for sign up now. Check out the website for more details. There is so much happening this year. We are so excited. Join our Fiber Adventure! Free admission. www.carolinafiberfest.org.

How about our Heelside Farms website! Shopping made easy with beautiful wool products from our gorgeous sheep. Give your creations that special touch with Heelside Farms yarn and roving. Add warmth to your life with our wool socks. Carry it all in our new Heelside Farms Tote bags. Purchase one or get one free with a $100.00 order.

We wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful, enjoyable New Year!