July on the Farm

It is mid summer already. Celebrating our country’s founding this week. Remembering those patriots who set us apart from the rest of the world by forming a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We are a country that is a work in progress, addressing the needed changes as we move forward each day. It is a challenge to keep reminding ourselves of where we have been and where our goals want to take us. Hooray for the fourth of July!

The farm is always a busy place. Fence repair has been high on the list lately. We have 19 new pullets for our next group of laying hens. They are mostly golden comets which are great layers. The farmer also decided to hatch some quail and guineas so we are flush with poultry right now. Our sheep have been toughing out the hot weather with shade, fans and plenty of water. The cattle stay mostly to the wooded area during the heat. Our corn came and went in the heat ( with the help of the squirrels and raccoons) so the farmer is cutting down the stalks for the cows. Not sure what the rest of the garden will do the rest of the summer. We are just enjoying what comes from it.

Our fiber business continues to thrive. Our beautiful sheep are growing the wool for our products. The next craft day will be July 20, 2024 at the Red Barn Studio on our farm from 10 – 3. We are open for shopping by appointment as well.

Have a great summer!