Summer is here

We will be updating our website shopping with new rovings and yarns very soon. Beautiful colors and soft, squishy yarn will be there for you to order. You can come visit the Red Barn Studio to shop as well. You can call, text or email to set up a shopping time just for you. On the third Saturday of each month we have a Spin/Knit/Crochet In from 10 til 3. In June the Spin In is on the 18th.

Our wool comes from our lovely sheep who are growing the wool for us. We have been raising sheep for about 20 years. We began with a few and now have a large herd. We have several breeds of sheep. Finnsheep make up the majority of our flock with Cormo and Icelandic rounding it out. The journey has been interesting and adventurous taking us down many trails. We have some cattle as well as chickens, guineas and honey bees. There is something happening all of the year. Farms are busy places.